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Pride Cookie


Pride Month Cookie

Total: 6.80

Made to order, please allow 3 days.

C’ Mores, Bag of 12


Total: 38.00

Assorted Macarons


Le Voyage, Serves 6/8


Entremet finger, lemon biscuit, mango cream, passion fruit coulis, pineapple, vanilla and geranium ganache &...

Moelleux Chocolat aux Fruits. Serves 6/8


Milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut insert, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit, chocolate sablé.

Entremet au Chocolat, Serves 6/8


Milk chocolate mousse, hazelnut insert, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate biscuit, chocolate sablé.

Lemon Tart, Serves 6/8


Exotic Pavlova, Serves 6


Crispy meringue, vanilla and mascarpone cream, mango, lime, coconut and passion fruit.  The perfect light and airy...

Mille Feuille, Serves 6/8


Caramelized puff pastry, vanilla bean diplomat cream and Vanilla bean ganache.

Hazelnut cake


Hazelnut cake.

Lemon cake


Lemon pound cake.

Vanilla Flan, Serves 6/8


Total: 49

Large Quiche of the Day


Large quiche for 6 people. Available with a side of salad

Almond Chocolate Croissant


Original french almond croissant.

Total: 7

Almond Croissant


Original french almond croissant.

Total: 7

Chocolate Croissant


Original French "Pain au Chocolat" made with french butter "Beurre D'isigny".

Total: 5.80



Original French croissant made with french butter "Beurre D'isigny".

Total: 5.50

Sweet Kouign Amann


Total: 5.80

Kit Breakfast


Delicious yogurt, granola and berries Choice of avocado toast or baguette bread, butter and jam...

Bag of Baked Goods


Mixed pastries

Country Bread


Total: 9.90

Baguette Bread


Total: 4.90

Ham Sandwich


Baguette bread, butter, arugula, cheese, ham, pickles.

Total: 17.10

Chicken Sandwich


Baguette bread, Mary’s organic chicken pesto, curry mayonnaise, green salad, feta cheese, artichoke, fresh basil.

Total: 18.20

Avocado Toast & Salad


Homemade sourdough bread, guacamole, pomegranate, sesame seeds, onions pickles, avocado and poached egg.

Total: 18.70

Croque Monsieur and Salad


The famous Croque Monsieur served with salad

Colette Chicken Salad


Arugula, sesame seeds, coriander, ginger, mint & caramelized onions.

Total: 18.50

Brunch Crab Benedict


Home made brioche bun, crab, avocado, organic poached egg, hollandaise sauce

Total: 20.90

Paul’s Brunch


Bread, poached egg & hollandaise sauce.

Valrhona Chocolate Birthday plate


Have your message inscribed into a completely edible plaque, made of Valrhona chocolate

Total: 5

Chateau de L’Aumerade Rosé


Total: 42

Bordeaux Blanc Superieur – Château Fondarzac 2020


Total: 35

Bordeaux Superieur – Château Rouchereau 2019


Total: 35.00

Je t’aime Brut


Cremant de Limoux Brut  - Bubbles with aromas of fresh and vivid mixed with white...

Total: 35

Je t’aime Rosé Sparkling wine


Cremant de Limoux Brut Rosé - Its stylish bouquet of fresh strawberry and raspberry dazzles...

Total: 35

Bourgogne – Pinot noir 2017 – Domaine Désertaux – Ferrand


Total: 29

Bourgogne Blanc – 2016 – Domaine Désertaux – Ferrand


Total: 40

Burgundy Chablis Albert Bichot 2017


Total: 48

Champagne Delahaie – Brut Premier


Total: 68

Bordeaux Superieur Chateau Croix Mouton 2016


Total: 32.50

Sparkling White Wine Brut – Jacques Pelvas


Total: 28

Burrata Salad


Organic Heirloom Tomato, Burrata, spring onions, basil, nectarine, olive oil, balsamic.

Total: 18.50