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Kit Breakfast


Delicious yogurt, granola and berries Choice of avocado toast or baguette bread, butter and jam...

Bag of Baked Goods


Mixed pastries

Avocado Toast


Total: 11.00

Baguette Bread


Total: 4.40

Ham Sandwich


Baguette bread, butter, arugula, cheese, ham & cornichon

Total: 13.75

Chicken Sandwich


Baguette bread, Mary’s organic chicken, paprika mayonnaise, mix green salad, fresh cilantro, shaving parmesan &...

Total: 14.30

Tomato & Burrata Salad


Organic Heirloom Tomato, Burrata, spring onions, basil, Puget Olive oil, balsamic.

Egg Tartine


Organic eggs, homemade mayonnaise, fresh herbs, caramelized shallots, Challah bread

Total: 11.55

Fig & Brie Tartine


Garlic sourdough toast, brie, fig, prosciutto, pinenut, balsamic

Total: 13.20

Large Quiche of the Day


Large quiche for 6 people. Available with a side of salad

Croque Monsieur and Salad


The famous Croque Monsieur served with salad

Lyonnaise Salad


Frisée salad, lardons, garlic croutons, herbs, organic poached egg

Colette Chicken Salad


Organic Mary's chicken

Paul’s Brunch


Bread, poached egg & hollandaise sauce.

Brunch Crab Benedict


Home made brioche bun, crab, avocado, organic poached egg, hollandaise sauce

Total: 16.50

Kit Moelleux au chocolat – 5 pieces


Mix and bake in the comfort of your house!

Total: 18

Valrhona Chocolate Birthday plate


Have your message inscribed into a completely edible plaque, made of Valrhona chocolate

Total: 5

Mille Feuille Dessert


Puffy Pastry & Tahiti Vanilla Cream

Mille feuille – Individual


Puff pastry, Tahiti vanilla mascarpone cream

Total: 7.70

Fruit Tart


Pâte sucrée, vanilla bean cream & fresh fruits

Total: 8.80

Strawberry Tart


Pâte sucrée, diplomate cream, organic and fresh strawberries

Total: 24



Almond Biscuit, Tahiti Vanilla Cream, Strawberries and Pistachio

Fruit Tart


Pâte sucrée, vanilla bean cream and fresh fruit

The Lemon Tart


Lemon cream and confit, Swiss meringue, zest lime & caviar limes

Passion Fruit


Macaron, passion fruit cream & fresh raspberries  

Entremet Chocolat


Chocolate biscuit, hazelnut praline, chocolate crémeux and chocolate glaze

Chocolate & Berries


Moist and Dense Vahlrona Chocolate Cake, Vahlrona Chocolate Cream & Berries

Cloud Cake


Pâte sucrée, raspberry confit, fresh raspberry, mousse fromage blanc

Bourgogne – Pinot noir 2017 – Domaine DĂ©sertaux – Ferrand


Total: 29

Bourgogne Blanc – 2016 – Domaine DĂ©sertaux – Ferrand


Total: 40

Burgundy Chablis Albert Bichot 2017


Total: 48

Bordeaux Superieur Chateau Croix Mouton 2016


Total: 32.50

Sparkling White Wine Brut – Jacques Pelvas


Total: 28

Champagne Delahaie – Brut Premier


Total: 68